Weight Loss Program for Women

Fitness is something that everyone has a right to and especially women, but women’s fitness classes are few and far between and the best way women have mostly exercised till now is through special women’s gyms.  This is about to change because we at Martial Art Extreme (MAE) have come up with a set of fitness classes for women that include strength training workouts at home as well as various kinds of workout plans for women that will help them lose weight at home without going out to a physical gym.  These fitness classes for women have been built from the scratch by our fitness specialists with the care and guidance of our founder and fitness sensation master Jerry Bola.  It is through his vision that we have come up with gym workout routines for women at home wherein they will feel safe and work out at home.

We at Martial Art Extreme (MAE) treat fitness like a necessity and a means to strengthen yourself and everyone around you and that is why we are strong vocal advocates of women’s safety training as well as anti-bullying techniques that everyone can use. The best part about our MAE programs is that it is not only serving a noble purpose but is also helping women exercise and stay confident about their bodies.

What are gym exercises for women at home?

Like a physical gym, fitness training programs will encourage women to work out at home wherein they will be able to focus on every part of their body and target muscle groups so that they can have an upper body as well as a lower and full-body workout.

Why is women’s fitness training important?

Muscle mass –

Martial Art Extreme (MAE) fitness programs for women will enable women to improve their muscle mass and this is possible through the effective guidance and training from our fitness courses guided by our founder, inspiration and world-class fitness expert Jerry Bola. The fitness training program is easy to follow and effective for women’s strength and muscle gain.


Strength training and properly targeted fitness exercises have a multi-fold benefit for women. Strength training enables women to have healthier bones. Bone weakness is a global issue for women after menopause and this is best effectively countered through strength exercises.

Sleep cycle-

Sleep is extremely necessary for a healthy functioning body and with women taking up multiple roles in today’s society as home-makers and as professionals and mothers simultaneously, sleep becomes an issue that is rarely talked about. Proper exercise will the body a healthy push to get tired in the right amount, at the right time and regular routines will enhance and improve sleep cycles considerably.

Weight loss –

 Weight gain is a concern for every gender with the rise of office jobs and the change in work patterns, obesity has become an issue of concern. That is especially why our fitness training programs and workout plans for women will allow them to enjoy life and do their choice of work and advance their professional careers without worrying about crippling obesity.