Technology has progressed by leaps and bounds in every sphere of our daily lives and has impacted our lives but that can’t be said for the world of fitness and exercise.

Until now!

Presenting to you our online gym classes and online fitness training program consisting of virtual workout classes and much more by Martial Art Extreme (MAE). These online gym classes will be hosted and headed by our founder and inspiration Jerry Bola. Additionally, these online fitness training classes will help in weight training and body shaping.

Let’s see a few reasons why online fitness training programs can help you:

Compatible for your schedule –

Online weight training and online gym classes are beneficial to you because of their flexibility to adapt to your work schedule and with more people working in the office and corporate environments at home and offices, the extra time to go to the gym is very less and that extra free time can be more so effectively used if there was an online live class which you can access at home. This is exactly what we at Martial Art Extreme (MAE) bring you. These online personal training and online workout studio classes have been designed in a way that will make your fitness training effortless.

Affordability –

Expenses while attending a physical gym is not only the gym fees but it is also the extra premium that you are paying for equipment that you will probably not even use and added to that is the cost of transportation and added to that can be extra personal instructor charges which can be levied to you at any moment which you cannot refuse in high-end gyms.  Luckily for you, we have thought about this and that is why our online gym classes are designed in such a way that you will not need a huge array of equipment and the program prices are one of the most affordable in the country.


Virtual personal trainer –

Previously, a personal trainer was something that only the most affluent could afford and by a personal trainer, we mean a personal gym instructor who will be able to help you throughout your gym sessions. And that is exactly the case with our online gym classes and online fitness training programs. You will be instructed by one of the best fitness experts in the world, Jerry Bola. With his stern but friendly approachable nature and his experience and expertise, you will have no trouble mastering your fitness game and staying fit while having the benefits of a physical gym at home.

These were a few reasons why our online gym classes and online workout studio is going to help you reshape your body into something that others envy. Transform your life and your self-confidence today with our online gym classes wherein you will also be taught vital self-defence techniques and other anti-bullying techniques that you will find useful everywhere. Additionally, we are one of the best places to learn about women’s safety techniques and our courses will do just that, teach you to defend yourself effectively against any odds. Join the fitness revolution today.