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At MAE we have created the perfect live fitness sessions and fitness regime to suit your needs. Choosing the right online coach can be challenging, especially with so many fitness trainers claiming to be good nowadays, we claim the same but we are backed by years of experience in the world of fitness. Our founder Jerry Bola is a renowned and very well-known name in the fitness world and has personally trained hundreds of students in the art of martial art and fitness. He has dedicated his life to making the world fit and healthy and so designed these excellent fitness courses that will help you get fit from the comfort of your home, affordably.

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Certified Online Fitness Trainer and Fitness Training Consultant and Personal workout trainer in India Jerry Bola is a stalwart in the world of fitness and has been teaching and perfecting the fitness regime of his students for decades. A professional in the various styles of martial arts, Jerry is not only a great fitness coach but also a revolutionary in the art of fitness. Having started training professionally at the early age of 19, Jerry believes that fitness and martial arts are quite empowering to any individual seeking self-confidence in life. The virtual classes are designed specially keeping the needs of working people in mind and offers an excelling and affordable way to stay fit from within your home, without going to the local gym. This personal training platform has helped hundreds of aspiring people to stay fit. Join the ranks of this fitness revolution today. The routine is easy to follow and depends on the time and habit you see fit from the comfort and safety of your home.


MAE Fitness Program Benefits

Training -

Clear Goals-

The fitness programs designed by MAE have clear simple goals that you can achieve with simple dedication. These goals are practical and achievable and can be followed by anyone aspiring to transform their body fitness. These goals are easy to maintain and will help you become fit.

Easy Instructions –

Our online weight loss classes are easy to follow and guided by none other than our founder, Jerry Bola. The instructional videos are hi-res and Jerry does an excellent job of timing your exercises with clear simple instructions that help you coordinate your movements for the most effective fitness regime.

Practicality –

The fitness courses offered by MAE are practical because they are easy to access and the plans are quite affordable. We have always kept affordability in mind when we have priced these programs because our main goal is to make proper fitness guidance available to everyone and not just the affluent. These plans were made with a lot of consideration including recommendations from the hundreds of students Jerry trained personally.

Versatility –

We at MAE (Martial Arts Extreme) offer a wide variety of fitness courses that have been designed keeping in mind the various demands of the different types of students we instruct. You may be a child, a teen, a student pursuing your career, an office employee or even in your retirement, be assured there is a course for you. The fitness courses are not only designed for every age group in mind but also for people of every gender and profession.

Rudimentary diet plan-

Cut The Carbs –

Staying fit is often preceded by the words weight loss and nothing suits weight loss better than cutting your carb intake. A low-carb diet can be beneficial because in today's working landscape heavy exercises are kind of hard to maintain. Focus on a diet of whole grains and organic fruits and vegetables. The best part about this is the direct results you’ll see by not taking in extra carbs, you’ll begin to burn the already stored energy as fat start your journey towards fitness.

A Balanced Intake –

Diet experts and food scientists often argue on certain topics but this is where they all agree. A diet, balanced in proteins, fats and vegetables is always superior to any complex low-fat diet if you want to be fit. An average meal should contain 56 – 92 grams of protein per day for an average-sized adult. Meat, fish, beans are a few good sources of proteins. Contrary to popular belief, you’ll need fats to function, but that has to be healthy fats. You can get these fats from healthy oils like coconut oil, olive oil etc. You must always try to source organically grown vegetables, these veggies are grown without harmful fertilizers and can be a pure source of fibres and other nutrients.

Movement Is The Key –

A diet plan will only be effective if it is accompanied by a proper exercise schedule. A diet intake is only half the equation, the other half is expending that energy efficiently with proper focus on target areas and muscle groups. Proper movement, be it through exercise, sports or work is necessary to expend the stored fat and utilise the body functions. A proper exercise schedule also helps with the circadian rhythm and even assists the metabolism.

MAE Starter Guide

Access your needs

This is the most important step. This is the reason why you’ve chosen to be a part of the MAE family. This is why you have decided to transform your life and choose fitness.

Choose a training plan

We have a wide range of online fitness plans that also contain quite a few martial arts programs. Choose the best plan that suits your needs.

Make a Schedule

Discipline is the key to success. And same goes with a fitness plan. Make a schedule to follow our workout classes regularly on a fixed timeframe.

Reap the Benefits

This is perhaps the most fun leg of the journey. Having followed the above steps, here is when you start to see the benefits.

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