Online exercise is a must in today’s world where there is a pandemic racing and even more so when people are having to work either in offices or homes.  Online exercise and online virtual fitness classes are therefore a perfect fit for the modern corporate lifestyle that most people experience and this online exercise can be a great way to stay in shape when your primary job is to sit in front of a screen for hours on end.

That is why we at Martial Art Extreme (MAE) have come up with our virtual exercise classes which consist of live exercise classes as well as online exercise training programs which will help you maintain an exercise schedule from home and stay in shape.  We are also strong advocates of anti-bullying techniques and our exercises also contain important training information related to women’s safety tips.  Additionally, our online exercise classes are for beginners and professional level athletes and also for children and seniors.

Let’s see why you must opt for our online exercise and fitness training programs-

Accessibility -

Now no more going to a physical gym and getting stranded in traffic for hours when you can simply start your exercise routine by connecting your phone to the Wi-Fi. Yes! that’s all it takes and you will be able to have one of the best received and best acclaimed online exercise and fitness training programmes in India at your fingertips.

Expertise -

Online fitness training programs and other fitness programs are all hosted by the martial arts master and fitness icon Jerry Bola. With his guidance and decades of experience in the fitness world, you will surely be in one of the best hands in the fitness industry.


Affordability -

One of the key determinants for people to opt for a physical gym and a physical location for exercise is the cost involved and we keep that in mind. Our online exercise programs are not a luxury but a necessity and that is why we have kept our prices considerably low considering that we want as many people as possible to join our fitness revolution and transform their lives.

Versatility -

The versatility and customizability are endless because we have different plans for different categories and kinds of people and that includes beginner levels to professional levels as well as easy children levels to easy to understand and less intensive senior grade levels. You can choose your preferred method of exercise and your preferred fitness training program to get started.


Privacy -

In today’s world where privacy is an utmost priority to many people, our online exercise program allows you to stay at home and exercise in your own safe and private environment. Exercise has always been kind to he extroverts, but our online fitness training programs are geared to everyone, including those who are introverted.

These were are a few reasons why our online fitness training programs are received so well within the fitness community and are perfect for you if you are doing a job.  Come check out our fitness training program plans and we assure you that you will benefit from us at Martial Art Extreme (MAE).