This is a great program for a beginner. There are 2 training dvd’s that will teach you how to punch and kick and put combinations together before you start and there are also four 5 minute workouts that you can do before going to the main workouts. These mini workouts will get you ready for whichever program you choose to train with. All workouts are done in the privacy of your own home.
There are two workouts that we use a string attached across the room to weave underneath and we also have two workouts that involve using a chair for support for conditioning; the gloves and shin pads are optional. We have included two bonus bag training workouts that are option to do and not included in the work out programs. We understand the challenges most people have in hanging a bag in limited space which is why we included those workouts as a bonus.
All the workouts range from 40 to 55 minutes which include warm ups and cool downs with some abdominal work to increase core strength.
Any age can do these programs. We have had children as young as 8. Younger ones can do them as well but I find their attentions spans are shorter. I had a lady who was 72 train in my classes even after she suffered a stroke. She follows along at her own pace.
You can train as often as you like. In the training manual there are 4 different programs that you can choose from depending on how many days you can commit to each week. This will tell you which workouts to do on which days. But you are free to choose how many workouts and which ones you wish to do. There is a lot of variety.
Yes very easy once you learn the technique but it will require some practice and consistancy. You can start at your own pace and overtime will be able to keep up. Form and proper technique is more important than speed.
Aerobics is an activity that is often rythmic in nature or constant such as jogging while this training uses a more high intensity training using speed and power and controlled movements.
The gloves jsut add a litte bit of weight to help build more strength and conditioning in your shoulders. They are not required to do the workouts.
Dvd’s 11 and 12 are tutorials to teach how to punch and kick and learn how to put the combinations together. They also include four 5 minute workouts to start you out. The programs are a bit fast paced but with practice patience your technique and speed will improve with time.
It will help you as long as you put in the time and you train hard. I have said it before and I will say it again, nothing ever comes easy, you have to work hard for what you want. The training is help people defend themselves and to gain more confidence knowing they are able to protect themselves. It will make you feel stronger and with more energy and conviction.

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