Workouts can be stressful to a beginner and we understand that navigating around any online workout session or a physical gym can seem like a daunting task to someone who is new to fitness.  In this blog, we will discuss the best workouts women can do at home as well as at the gym and this will be a guide to help women get more accustomed to the fitness world and fitness equipment in general.

Cardio machines-

Cardiovascular exercises are the best way to help a person stay fit and stay in shape with cardio exercises.  There is nothing better than good blood circulation in your body.  Cardio exercises can include manual equipment as well as automatic machines,  the automatic ones being treadmills and bikes as well as stair steppers and elliptical trainers.  While these are excellent, we would suggest that you go for the manual ones which are also quite widely available and cheaper if you are going to get them for exercising at home.

Weightlifting –

While cardio is exercising that will help you burn calories,  weightlifting will help you build muscles and will help you gain stamina and build up your core. Weight lifting can seem challenging to beginners, here are a few simple weight lifting exercises that you can definitely do at home so that your muscles stay in the best shape.

  • For the upper body and especially your arms there are excellent workouts that you can do. The shoulder press is one of them where you simply need to have two dumbbells in each hand and press the weights straight above your head without moving your shoulders and without locking out your elbows.

Another one of the upper body exercises include push-ups and we do not need to explain push-ups because it is one of the most common forms of exercise.

The triceps extension is also a great way to keep your upper body and special your triceps in shape and this exercise, you simply need to have a dumbbell in each hand with both your hands above your head and gently lower your arms behind your head as you feel the pressure building in your triceps.

  • There are excellent exercises for the lower body as well.

The sumo squat Is one where you stand apart with your feet pointed outwards and you bend your knees like a sumo wrestler and get as low as you can and then press back up and stand.

There is also this great exercise called a working lunge where you simply have to stand straight and then move one foot and the other alternatively in front of you while your knees are at an angle of 90°.

High-intensity workouts –

High-intensity workouts are quite a new thing for hobbyist level fitness enthusiasts and have been a mainstay for professional athletes for a couple of years now.  This type of workout is an all-body workout and at excellent for weight loss.  While they are many customised high-intensity workouts schedules that you can plan out with your physical trainer,  this workout the simply like a Pomodoro timer in which you have a period of heavy workouts followed by small breaks.  Let’s take the following example.

The exercise starts with low-intensity jogging or even a warmup session of 5 minutes and then that is followed by a high-intensity running session on the treadmill or track for not more than 1 minute and that is followed by a jog of 2 minutes.  You must not take a break of 5 minutes after completing these three schedules and you can continue this high-intensity workout for a total of not more than 20 minutes excluding breaks.

These were a few simple exercise schedules that women can follow at home or at the gym to stay fit and stay in shape and even gain considerable muscles.  While planning your own workout can seem simple any wrong decision and any decision followed by poor research can even lead to bad consequences such as bad form and injury and that is why we would suggest you enrol into any online fitness training classes  that you can do from home and that you can access from all your devices such as your computers as well as your smartphones.