Fitness is essential in today’s day and age because of the working patterns of everyone.  There is simply not enough time for exercises and with the amount of time you have to spend working in front of a screen your muscles can lose their functionality and you may never be able to achieve the peak fitness form achievable by humans.  For this very reason, you can decide to get an offline gym membership or an online fitness training program like ours at Marshal Art extreme.

Speaking of modern work patterns, one of the muscles that do not get enough exercise is your leg muscles.  These muscles do not get enough work because of the lack of movement and the lack of physical strain.  That is why we have come up with the best 10 real leg exercises.

Leg Curl –

Also known as the hamstring curl it is one of the best-regulated exercises which stands very little chance of going wrong because of the type of machine being used. Simply put, this is the exercise wherein your lower leg is flexing with resistance on your back forming a curling motion.  While there are various forms of curls such as lying leg curl and standing curl, the most common is the sitting leg curl.  This exercise uses a single joint machine and is excellent for your hamstrings.  While athletes and bodybuilders never forget to work on their upper body they always forget their hamstrings and leg muscles and this is perfect for them.

Reverse Lunge –

This is a simple exercise to do and does not even require a machine. You simply need to have dumbbells to start as you keep them in your hands and let your right step back and then you lower your body as your knee is in contact with the floor.  While you are doing this you must always maintain a straight upward posture without bending your backbone and then you must return to the original standing position and repeat it with the other leg.  The best part about this exercise is that it is universal and anyone who can follow simple instructions can do this.

Dumbell Squat –

This is another iteration of the humble squad and as we all know the humble squad is excellent for your leg muscles. But adding dumbbells does is it makes squatting even more challenging and helps put more tension on your leg muscles.  If you are someone who is well versed in squats and can do quite a few of them then this is certainly a fun challenge that you can undertake.

Jump Squat –

Like the previous point about dumbbell squats, this squat is also of a level that is a bit more complex than the regular squad.  This squat tests the spring motion of your legs, as well as changes the agility and also, helps your knees.  For doing this you simply have to squat and while coming back in the upper position you must simultaneously jump with both feet together and while coming down you have to maintain this rhythm and do the squad and then come back to the standing pose and jump simultaneously.

Kettlebell Swing –

This is also excellent for your hip and knee strength as well as the strength of your leg muscles. This exercise is fun to do but you must be well experienced in handling weights as well as make sure no one is in front of you while you do this.  You simply need to stand upwards position while keeping your feet apart and holding the kettlebell near the groin region and then you have to bend a bit so that your knee folds and your hips and your upper body form a right angle.  And while you are doing this you must swing the kettle ball between your legs and as you stand you must move the kettlebell forwards.

Jumping Calf Raise –

This is simply the jumping squat but even simpler. But there is a simple complexity in this that you must only use your calf muscles to achieve the results.  You must start by standing straight upright and then bending as you bend your knees.  After you have done that you must come back to the standing position and jump all through the power of your calf muscles.

Swiss Ball Wall Squat –

This is a relatively new exercise and in this exercise, you must require a unique piece of equipment and that equipment is the exercise ball which is then an inflated ball that is used for fitness. You can start this exercise by keeping your legs update apart as you rest against the ball which is against the wall.  You must then use the ball to your advantage and go back to a sitting position while rolling the ball on your back.  Then you can get up and repeat the following steps.

Sumo Squat –

This is also a unique squat and is relatively new to western fitness institutions but has been around quite a few times in Japan.  As you have understood by the name, this is the exercise where you have to go into a pose of a small wrestler as you bend and your hands touch the ground all the wild your poster resonates closely with that of a sumo wrestler. Then you must stand and repeat the steps.

Goblet Squat –

This is simply another version of the squat wherein you will have to hold a dumbbell in your hands as if you are holding a goblet or chalice by cupping it with both hands. After that, you simply have to do the regular squats but what is extra weight does is allow you to put more strain on your squads thereby increasing the benefits.

180 Degree Jump Squat –

This is also another iteration of the jump squad but while in the regular jump squad you simply have to do a squad and then jump and do a squad and then jump. In the 180 Degree Jump Squat you will have to do the same thing but remember to turn 180 degrees towards your back as you jump and then do the squad and come back to the original position.

These were a few of the best rear leg or the best leg exercises in general.  If you are someone who does not have the time to go to a physical gym but wants the same results then we at Martial Art Extreme(MAE) the best online fitness training program in India willing to help you achieve your fitness dreams.