5 Questions You Should Ask Before Joining A Martial Arts Institute

Choosing a martial arts institute or school can seem daunting to some people. And there is truth to this curiosity. Especially because any beginner does not know everything about martial arts but we have to look at this curiosity as a very passionate endeavour because they are trying to understand something new. We appreciate your questions and would love to answer a few here.


  1. What are your objectives and goals?

This is probably the most important question you must ask yourself. Our students have a lot of different goals they try to accomplish, some of them are at MAE for self-defence, some aim for peak performance and fitness, some train with us for the sole purpose of self-confidence and all of them train with us because our online courses are very easily accessible from their online devices. So you must first and foremost understand your needs and your aspirations and then join us and let our professional martial arts instructors guide you.


  1. Is it for your child?

Martial arts has been proven to be e a great physical and mental health nourishing exercise. However, most martial arts training schools and institutions are mostly for adults and will not admit children and vice versa. This is another great aspect of MAE that we cater to adults as well as children. We feel that during this pandemic our renowned online martial arts courses can be a great motivation booster for children.


  1. How well trained are our instructors?

You would be happy to know that we are an institute founded by professional martial arts instructors who have come together to bring martial arts to the world. We are accomplished martial arts teachers and professionals who are winners of many awards and compensations. We are a global network of the finest martial arts trainers. So with us at MAE, you are in good hands.


  1. What is our core values and philosophy?

We understand the value of martial arts and have benefitted so much from this art form, we were compelled to spread the love of martial arts to the world, not as a device of aggression but as a tool of self-respect and self-development. Martial arts has changed our lives completely and made us better human beings and so we have made it our life’s mission to empower people with this gift of humility called martial arts. We have given a lot of thought to people who are too busy to go to any physical location for training and so we have launched our critically acclaimed online martial arts courses especially for them to train like a professional from the safety of their homes.


  1. Are you committed enough?

This is the final question we would like to answer or rather ask you. We have designed and developed this course meticulously just for people like you who are passionate about improving their lives. We only ask that you must keep this commitment because we as teachers can only guide you, can teach you to walk, but at the end of the day, you’ll have to walk this path of self-development on your legs. So we ask that you keep this level of commitment throughout the training process and believe me when I tell you from the past experiences of our former students. The happiest moment is when you complete the course and become a martial arts pro yourself.


Here were a few important questions that we have answered. We are always open to questions so feel free to ask anything you want to know. We would be happy to answer them for you. And as always train MAE train extreme.