Pronated grip vs Supinated Grip? Which One To Use?

A grip is something really important in the world of fitness and it is of the utmost importance because a proper grip can transform your fitness and physique and a bad trip can damage you for life and even take your life in the worst circumstances. 

 However, people outside the Fitness World do not consider much about grips and sometimes people who are new to the Fitness World of physical fitness may be to online Fitness training as well as going to the gym do not understand why grips are important.

There are primarily two types of grids known as pronated grip and supinated grip and both have their pros and cons and sometimes professionals competing in competitive sports make use of both of these grips in extreme circumstances.

Pronation grip-  

A pronation grip is also known as an overhand grip or standard grip and it is one of the most commonly used grips.  In this kind of grip, the person simply holds on to the weight with their fingers and thumb and do not take the weight under their hand. 

This is also the type of grip used commonly by everyone in their daily lives and therefore this grip is quite simple to master and can be used when stability is the issue. 

A pronation grip is excellent for maximizing your workout and that is why it is really popular among everyone not just the professional level of fitness people.  This is also perfect for you if you have back pain or if you want to improve your core strengths. 

When do use a pronated grip?

You can pretty much use the pronated grip to grip everything in the gym as it is quite stable and will not harm your body posture and you can especially use this kind of grip while you’re trying to do bench presses as well as barbell squats and shoulder presses but if you are someone who does lifting competitively than this advice is not for you. 

Supinated grip-

A supinated grip is also known as an underhand grip and this is when you want to be able to wrap your hands beneath underneath the bar so that your back of the hand or your knuckles face towards the ground and you let your fingers and your thumb grip the weight you’re trying to lift. 

 This grip is excellent for you if you are willing to improve and enhance your upper body strength and this will help you target your biceps as well as your triceps and do your exercise in a more focused and controlled manner. 

When do we use a supinated grip?

 The supinated grip is a more isolating and restrictive way of gripping your weights and it is more involved than your pronated crip and therefore you can use a close supinated grip as a variation for any kind of vertical pulling movements as well as horizontal movements and you can use this kind of grip while doing your Lat pulldowns and your chin-ups and inverted rows and bent over rows as well as normal rows. 


Why does grip matter? 

A grip is important because it can totally change the way you are doing your exercise and depending on the type of grip you are holding you can target specific points in your body or you can also target entire regions or even your entire body with grips. 

You must always choose your grips depending on two reasons one being your comfort and safety and your intuition of feeling safe and feeling satisfied with your grape and the second being the advice of your trainer be it a physical fitness trainer or an online coach or a virtual coach gives. 

But you must always take the advice of an expert because a wrong grip can even break your wrist quite easily.