Top 5 Posture Improvement Exercises

In today’s blog, we will discuss one of the aspects of doing exercise with their bi through online martial art training courses or going to a physical gym to train or if you are trying to learn to defend yourself at home. 

This key aspect is often missed by many individuals and this can totally harm your physique and even make your exercise routine ineffective.  We are of course talking about good posture because it is not only about looking right while doing the exercises but a good posture helps to develop a plethora of things including flexibility and the right balance in your body and this, in turn, helps to develop strength by focusing on your core areas effectively.  Experts even suggest that good posture should be maintained while doing every activity in your life and all this will help you to lead a healthier life and retain more energy to do your daily activities because you are not wasting precious energy on bad posture and bad targeting of muscle groups.

 There are various ways to correct your posture and we will talk about a few simple processes that you can do daily and can help you immensely. 

The posture of the child –

This is one of the easiest posture correction stretches and this will also help you strengthen your spine and also maintain your hamstrings.  You can do this poster by simply sitting while your shin bones touch your knees and your heels are to your side and then you can for your hands in a praying posture and stretch them in front of you while you are bowing down and you must try to gently touch your forehead with the ground.  You must try to extend your arms as far out as you can and stretch and do this exercise continuously for 3 to 4 minutes while you are taking deep breaths in and out.

Cat and cow –

This stretching exercise is quite popular in the online karate classes and online martial arts training India as well as in different other circles of martial art training as well as online martial art training from home and every other form of martial arts because this will help you stretch your core and relieve tension in your upper body and help in your blood circulation. 

You can do this by bowing down as you sit on your knees with your hands supporting your body and you can call this being on all fours.  Then you must inhale while looking up and stretching your body towards the ground and then exhale and extend your spine towards the sky and do this motion for a maximum of 2 minutes. 

High Plank –

This kind of poster building exercise and core standing exercise is excellent for relieving stiffness throughout your body and this will help you correct your posture while you stand as well.  This exercise is simply the plank in a steep angle where you take up the position as if you will be doing push-ups but in this, you must get in the plank position with your arms straight and your arms and your body must form roughly a 45-degree angle.  This exercise may seem difficult in the beginning but as you practice you will be able to hold this position longer but we suggest that you do not hold this position for more than a minute.

Chest stretch and opener –

This exercise is excellent for the average office worker who has to sit in a chair and has no movement of the chest and has back pain.  This is one of the easiest posture corrector exercises to do and you can do this while standing up. 

To do this exercise you have to stand up in a poster of attention and maintain that your body is in a straight line with your chest and head straight and then while you inhale you must bring your arms behind your back till your fingers touch and then bring your arms to the side of your body as you exhale.

Downward facing dog –

This exercise is quite common in the martial art community as well as in the yoga community as a reliable exercise that can help you balance your body.  This also helps you with your back muscles and back pain. 

You can do this exercise by lying on your stomach why your hands and legs are outstretched then you must bring your toes and your palms on the ground and lift your hips still your body is at an angle similar to a triangle where your upper and lower bodies form a straight line. 

 These were a few of the easiest posture correction exercises one can do at home and if you are someone who is doing martial arts workouts at home and learning martial arts at home then these exercises are excellent warm-up before you start your career after training as well as other forms of martial art training at home. 

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