Benefits of Online Physical Activities During Quarantine

A pandemic is a time where physical development takes a hit. Research has found significant evidence to suggest that physical activities can enhance social skills and confidence in a child. However, due to this pandemic, this seems to have been problematic. The pandemic is a time when any individual, child or adult, have been forced to stay indoors, no human interactions, no social gatherings have turned humans increasingly depressed and their self-confidence has taken a low. Let’s discuss a few points on why physical education and physical activities can help anyone gain a lot during this pandemic.


  • Self-reflection –

physical education is like meditation; it is like deep thinking positively. During this quarantine and pandemic, people have copious amounts of time in their hands. This time can be utilized wrongly by not being productive and being depressed or positively by engaging in various simple physical exercises from within your homes and deeply understanding the plus and minus points of your body’s capability and therefore working more on the minus points of your body. This is an act of deep self-reflection and we all know the mirror is the best teacher and the only way we can make ourselves better is by analyzing our weaknesses and there is no better time to do that than the pandemic.


  • Self-confidence –

It is common knowledge that any sportsperson is a very confident individual. This is partly related to them being confident with their bodies. We all can agree that it is essential for a child to be confident during their childhood because it is the time their mind is forming. Therefore, during quarantine physical activities become of utmost importance especially for a child as they are already missing school and their minds must be made to remain active somehow. One of the best ways being physical activities.


  • Reduction in harmful substance use –

According to a study by the University of Michigan, it has been found that moderate to heavy physical activities have reduced the tendency of individuals to consume harmful addictive substances. This is important as we all know that to fight covid we need a strong immune system and addictive and narcotic substances damage the immune system but physical activities not only persuade the individual to not take drugs but also boosts their immune system.


  • Sleep –

Studies have shown that moderate to heavy physical activities can induce a timely and healthy sleeping pattern in an individual and sleep is essential to a child’s mental development. But as we know with the rise of smartphones and the internet and online gaming, children have been seen to engage in these activities even late at night, which also increases the change of insomnia in them. However, if children are made to engage in a healthy routine of physical activities, they fall asleep quicker and in time


  • Post-covid recovery –

A healthy amount of exercise in small amounts is essential for someone who has recovered from covid. Studies have shown that light and medium physical activities like walking have led to increased lung recovery after covid.


  • Reset your metabolism clock –

We all have a body clock that regulates our metabolism and during normal working outdoors and disruptive patterns of eating resets this body clock and this contributes to bad digestion and overall poor health. Now that we are inside our homes, we can finally take regular meals in time and burn calories systematically by taking part in moderate to heavy exercise schedules at home.


The above points were on why we should keep exercising during the quarantine. However improper exercising can do more harm than good. We at MAE have come up with simple online courses that’ll not only help you do the proper physical activities at home but with proper guidance, you can even aim to become a martial arts pro. Let this quarantine be a wakeup call for your health and fitness. Join the MAE family today.