Benefits and Demerits of Online Fitness Coaching vs Virtual Fitness Training

Online fitness coaching and virtual fitness training can seem quite similar at first if I tell you the terms right now but if you ponder over it, you’ll be able to understand the differences and even wonder “Now that you’ve told it becomes much more obvious.” 

Online fitness coaching in the fitness world specifically implies fitness coaching and training through the means of the internet. That means whatever that fitness training will be, it will be online. It can be live online sessions or online fitness training courses available to stream at your convenience. 

Virtual fitness training is a rather broad term. It can be every kind of training without the physical presence of a fitness coach. Now online fitness coaching can be classified as a form of virtual fitness training.

What They Actually Mean! 

The terms by definition should mean whatever was defined earlier but in the fitness industry these terms as seen as totally different entities. Online fitness training means a form of live broadcasted training sessions or pre-recorded fitness sessions streamed by the user at their convenience. 

Virtual fitness training is considered in the industry as a form of training where there is a personal trainer but they are training a single person through an online medium or even through voice instructions for more advanced users. 

Benefits And Demerits of Online Fitness and Virtual Fitness Training

  • Clientele base – While there are no set restrictions to who can avail what, online fitness coaching and training is generally availed by people who are themselves highly motivated to carry on the fitness routine. However virtual fitness training and coaching is a sort of hands-on online fitness training where the person is either not really motivated and required hands-on motivation or the person is an athlete or actor and cannot avail a physically present physical fitness trainer or coach due to various reasons, one of them being the pandemic and because of the pandemic, the use of virtual online coaches has increased dramatically.  


  •  Schedules and routines – Usually online fitness trainers teach hundreds of students at once by live broadcast or through fitness streaming sessions, screaming being more popular and more convenient because the student can watch and have fitness sessions whenever they want to. Virtual fitness coaching and training is just like personal fitness training, just that the coach is training you virtually one-on-one. You have to maintain and come online at specific time schedules and that is less convenient to some but the training is quite in-depth and personal. 


  • Practicality – We are not saying that either is better or worse because depending upon your need you may find either of them equally useful. If you are motivated to improve your fitness but you lack time to travel to and from fitness studios and you aren’t willing to spend much then online fitness coaching may be the perfect choice for you but if you are willing to spend quite a lot on your fitness and you are a professional that required one-to-one attention and fitness guidance then a virtual fitness training is perfect for you. 


So, to sum things up, online fitness coaching is a bit less in-depth and a good choice for the non-professional fitness student whose main motive is to stay fit and virtual fitness training and coaching is for someone where the stakes are high. With this, the issues of quality also come into play because online fitness coaching is a bit less intensive and lacks that quality and virtual fitness training is a bit too intensive for the common fitness student. Therefore, our online fitness training courses and programs at Martial Art Extreme (MAE) have been designed to strike a balance, proving the quality and personal touch of virtual fitness training combined with the affordability and practicality and convenience of online fitness coaching.