Martial arts is something out of the world and martial arts needs complete discipline and dedication to a lifestyle and a form of outlook that dedicated people choose to do.  While there are quite a few good martial art dojos that are physical locations as well as online martial arts training programs, there is a lack of pre-training schedule understanding among novice and beginner martial arts practitioners.  We can simply define these workouts as warmups before your martial arts training sessions. 

These simple exercises are also known as strength and conditioning exercises and they can be performed to help you better perform your martial arts.  Let us take a look at a few essential strength and conditioning exercises for martial arts. 

Push-ups –

Push-ups are probably one of the most widely known core strengthening exercises and they may seem inadequate for strength and conditioning for martial arts training but that is a misconception.  The simple push up is excellent for striking arts as well as the motions that are specific to push-ups helps greatly with muscle building and strength building. 

Thrusters –

Simply put this exercise is excellent for cardiovascular health and thrusters are quite easy to do. You simply have to squat while holding the barbell through an underhand grip against your shoulders. Then as you begin to stand, you must exert this upward momentum to raise the barbell above your head as you stand. This exercise can be dangerous and we recommend you see videos and beginners guides to fully master this.

Overhead presses –

This is quite similar to the barbell thrusters in the fact that the position of the barbell is on your soldiers with a similar grip as you start this exercise. The difference is that in overhead presses you do not squat but start in a standing position with legs apart soldier length. Then you must use your arms to reach two positions, the first position being the barbell should be on the same level as your head and then the final position being the barbell will be held above your head while your arms are perpendicular.

Squats with a barbell –

This can be classified as a high-performance squat and not suited to regular folks who are not doing martial arts. But for people into martial arts, this is just the perfect version of the humble squat just OP. You can do this exercise by keeping the barbell fixed to your soldiers at all times and then simply squat. This is a strenuous exercise and you must not over exceed the sets in this particular exercise. We would suggest that you look up beginners guides tutorials and videos before you undertake this exercise. People also make the mistake of using the maximum weight they can handle and this is dangerous as this can harm you greatly.  

Pull-ups –

Here we have another popular and traditional exercise that is perfectly suited for strength and conditioning for martial art students. Excellent for upper body strength gaining and core strengthening, pull-ups will help every type of martial art student especially those who are practising Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and other forms of martial arts where the upper body is greatly used. While pull-ups can be easy for some people, others may find them quite complex and that is why you can start with negative pull-ups wherein you stand on a platform and grab the bar and then lower your body and then try lifting yourself. You must take care to understand your limit while doing pull-ups and overstressing your upper body muscles can prove fatal. 

These were a few strength and conditioning exercises that martial arts practitioners can do to strengthen their core and as a kind of warm-up before and after their martial arts training schedules. If you are someone training in martial arts these are great for you and if you are interested in martial arts then you can check out quite a few good online martial arts training programs in India which can help you practise martial arts from the safety of your homes.