Martial arts is all about physical perfection combined with mental perfection. It is about taking control of your body and your mind in a synchronized manner so that you can face any challenges with ease. However, there is a different side of martial arts that is not often talked about and that is martial arts meditation. Martial art consists of various martial arts meditation techniques that include Karate meditation and other focused meditation and transcendental meditation techniques.

There are various forms of martial arts meditation and martial arts breathing meditation techniques that provide an effective means of stress relief and in this blog, we are going to talk about a few of them and how mindfulness meditation can have profound benefits on your stress levels.


This is by far one of the most popular martial art meditation techniques practised in any martial arts school and comprises a few simple steps that will allow you to achieve this. You simply need to sit in a position you are comfortable with by placing both of your legs underneath your buttocks and with your knees directly facing the front. You can also opt for the lotus setting technique wherein you will have to sit cross-legged although many people find it difficult. After that, you simply will have to keep your head straight and your back straight as well as keep your shoulders relaxed. One of the things people miss out in this meditation is the position of the eyes and you must keep your eyes closed with your eyes fixated as if you are looking straight ahead. After that, you will simply have to take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. During this time, you should not bring any ideas to mind and try to remove every thought that you have in your mind and just immerse yourself in this bliss and relieve your stress with this martial art meditation.


This is an ancient Chinese martial art as well as a meditation technique which is even practised to this day. Tai Chi is a multidisciplinary course wherein you get to meditate as well as practice calm and soothing exercises with gentle physical force. One thing you want to keep in mind while practising Tai chi is that you must always keep your body moving in a constant flowing movement. Various stances can be done in Tai Chi and these stances are so easy to perform that pregnant women, children as well as elders and disabled people can do it. Tai Chi must always be done with others and this is one of the important aspects of it as it can reduce anxiety as well as remove depression and stress. Tai Chi is excellent for enhancing your quality of sleep as well as lowering your blood pressure. This can be considered a visualization meditation.


Practised primarily in the Shaolin temple in China as well as among various Shaolin practitioners, this is one of the most effective stress-relieving meditations out there. The stance that you have to maintain while doing Shaolin meditation is quite similar to that of Karate meditation. In this meditation, the difference lies in the breathing technique as well as in the thought process. In this meditation, you simply have to count from one to 10 as you focus on your breathing rather than breathing deeply in and out as in Karate meditation. While doing Shaolin meditation, you must try to clear your mind of every thought there is. You might be wondering if this is similar to Karate meditation but the difference lies in the approach. While in Karate meditation you have to force your mind to remove every thought that comes to the mind, in Shaolin meditation you must not mentally force your thoughts ideas, conversations or anything else to go away. According to Shaolin’s philosophy, if you try to force your thoughts to go away then the thoughts become stronger.

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