How long does it take to get a Black Belt in Martial Arts?

Martial arts as a whole is an incredibly complex thing to master if you want to achieve the best professional-level status.  There are quite a few martial art styles in the world and depending on how you are practising martial arts, be it through online martial arts training or online martial arts classes where you will learn to defend yourself at home through any kind of martial arts fitness program you are doing offline and online, your course completion time may vary.  This may vary according to the style of martial arts you are performing as well as which master you are learning martial arts under. 

In this blog we will talk about the average time it takes for you to get a black belt or the colour of belt considered the highest degree in martial arts in the various forms.  What we would like to state is that this may vary according to your country, your style of martial art, your martial arts teacher as well as various other factors. 

Taekwondo –

Predominantly a Korean form of martial art that is primarily using punching and kicking techniques, Taekwondo is a popular form of martial art and has even been recognized as an Olympic sport in the year 2000.  You will generally need 3 to 5 years to earn a black belt in this popular form of martial arts and add many more years to this if you are to train and become a professional taekwondo instructor. 

Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) – 

This is one of the most popular forms of martial art today and the training techniques vary quite a bit depending on the country and the master you are training under.  One of the most viewed martial arts, MMA  generally takes up to 8 years to complete and by then the trainee is awarded a black belt. 

Karate –

One of the most recognized forms of martial arts, Karate is quite well known for its stringent adherence to discipline and the different types of martial art degrees that you can hope to achieve.  These usually start with the white belt where you are considered a beginner and ends with the black belt. This usually takes 5 years.  Additional a red and white belt is worn by a Dan who has mastered Karate beyond the black belt and who is exceptionally gifted in Karate, however, this is very rare.

Jui-Jitsu – 

As a form of martial art that is quite popular in Brazil, Jui-Jitsu is a martial art that employs a lot of choke-holds and joint locks to disarm the opponent and is considered a combat sport.  On average it takes a student 5 years to earn a blue belt in Jui-Jitsu and if they continue their learnings further, they can hope to earn a black belt, not before 9-10 years.

Judo –

Judo employs a different set of belt regulations to showcase the level of the practitioner. These belts can be divided into two categories, the Kyu belts are the beginner belts and start with brown belts and the Dan belts are the expert belts and usually start with black belts. The Dan belt holders wear additional belts according to their grade. However, this is worn in special events only. A student must commit at least 5 years to reach the Dan level. Then they can start getting dan grade belts.  

Aikido –

The Aikido ranking system varies from country to country. While the International Aikido Foundation has the 1st Kyu rank wear the black belt gold tip, others require the 1st Dan wear the black belt with strips of colour added on to signify the various ranks of Dans. Usually, an Aikido practitioner can hope to receive a black belt in about 5 years. 

These were a few of the general times it takes to gain the revered blackbelt in various styles of martial arts.  But believe us when we say that it is not the belt that matters but the dedication. You must never practice martial arts because of the prestige of the belt but always because of the prestige of the mind and body, the black belt is a by-product to measure your degree of knowledge. If you are someone who is a working professional and does not have the time to visit a Dojo to learn martial arts, then we at MAE (Martial Art Extreme) are your best option because we have created online martial arts courses that you can utilize to learn to defend yourself at home.