Circuit exercise is excellent for you if you are looking to change your regular fitness schedule and circuit exercise can act as a catalyst in helping you put your exercise schedule into high gear. Usually, circuit blast exercises are divided into two parts them being the upper circuit and the lower circuit.

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Let’s get started with the intense lower-body blast circuit workout.


The best thing about the circuit exercise for your lower body is that you do not need a lot of expensive and complex equipment. This makes the circuit exercise extremely well suited for someone who is a working professional and simply has to do with doing exercises at home.

All you need is a barbel and any simple barbell without complex attachments will do, you can even use dumbbells for that and you will also need an exercise ball and an exercise mat for the exercises you will do on the floor.


· You must always start any exercise with a warmup and especially for this kind of circuit exercise you will need to do a warm-up. You can start with simple cardio and then move on to a treadmill or fitness cycle.

· You must also keep in mind that you have to do all the circuit exercises without any rest in between them and with as little rest as possible because you need to keep your heart rate up for circuit exercises.

· For beginners would always suggest that you do not perform more than 10 repetitions of each exercise at one go one after the other.

· For advanced level fitness enthusiasts that thing can go up to 2 to 3 circuits.

· You must keep in mind that the weights you are using are not too extreme so that you do not hurt yourself because hurting once up during circuit exercise can have effects that are more dangerous than regular exercise because of the intensity of a circuit exercise.


The first exercise which you are going to do in the series of circuit exercises will be the deadlift and as for being one of the most popular means of having an excellent lower body workout, you will rest assured that the deadlift will do an effective job of targeting your glutes, hamstrings and your lower back.

To start the deadlift you must stand with your feet apart and then you must bend your upper body while keeping your chest upright and straight and move it to your hips while not breaking the position of rigidity. You must also make sure that the weight is close to your legs so that you get a natural guide on how to move the bar upwards while maintaining a straight back.


Single legged deadlift or one-legged deadlift is one of the most effective ways of deadlifting wherein you not only target your glutes and lower back as well as hamstrings twice but this also helps you get immense strength in your toes.

The best way to do a single-legged deadlift without enjoying yourself is with the help of dumbbells and you can start this exercise by stepping in back your left foot or right food and hinging your hips as you keep your back flat. Then you can lower the weights as much as comfortable and keep them close to your body and then go back to the first position and repeat them. You must repeat this for both legs for an effective one leg deadlift.


Pile-squat is the same as a regular squad but there are certain differences and one of the most important differences is that while doing a piles squad you have to keep your feet wider than your shoulders and you must be on your tours which should be at a roughly 45-degree angle. You must then grab your dumbbells and have them in front of your face level while keeping your arms in front. From there is the usual squat. The best part about the pile squat is that you will be able to target your hamstrings and your inner thighs as well as your glutes and your quads.


The Bulgarian squad is also similar to the regular squad but there is a certain difference. While in a regular squad you bend down with both your knees, in the Bulgarian squad you must keep a chair or stool which is knee height behind you. Then while you must do the squad you will have to keep one of your feet assisted on that chair. What this does is it puts extra tension in your hip flexors as well as helps engage the hamstrings glutes as well as quads.


These were a few ways in which you can attend the lower body circuit blast which will help you train your lower body faster than any regular exercise. For more such effective exercise blogs do follow our blogging page and if you are willing to achieve this level of fitness from your home without going to a physical gym then we at Martial Art Extreme(MAE) are the perfect place for you to achieve your fitness dreams.