If you are someone who is willing to improve their fitness performance and is also a practitioner of martial arts then plyometric is an excellent way to develop your physical fitness.

The best part about parliamentary exercises is that jump training exercises for martial arts are extremely common and plyometric exercises fit the bill for that. While it is not the easiest exercise to do so as it needs equipment such as a plyo box or lower box and rigorous practice because this exercise involves jumping and is excellent for improving your high-jump or any type of jump capabilities.


We often hear the term plyometric exercises to improve jump capacity and wonder what does it mean? Well to simply define, plyometric is a kind of exercise that specifically uses force along with speed to accomplish various movements that build power in muscles. It is quite helpful and an essential exercise for a martial artist if they want to develop quick reflexes in their muscles. Not only martial artists, athletes and even regular fitness hobbyists use plyometrics as a conditioning exercise for power building as is a phenomenal exercise.

Before you tell you the most effective plyometric exercises, we highly advise you to check with your physician to check if your body is capable of doing these exercises as it is a high-intensity exercise that results in high impact.



It is one of the most common and popular plyometric exercises out there. For this, we suggest you get hold of a specially designed plyo box or if you are not getting a plyo box then choose a very sturdy box. In order to do this, you’ll need to move your hips and widen your foot to the shoulder-width and move your arms back as you stand in front of the plyo box. Then in a steady swooping motion move your hands forward as you time your jump and make a vertical leap on the box. This may seem difficult as a beginner but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to do this flawlessly.


This exercise also uses the plyo box but this time you will start while standing on the box. In order to do this, start by moving out one foot from the box and then jump. As you land both feet must touch the ground at the same time. The key to this exercise is to start the jump with one foot and end with two as you touch the ground.


As one of the simplest plyo exercises, anyone can do this and this exercise doesn’t require any special equipment. The simplest way to explain sprint is to think of running but with the most possible energy you can exert. If the marathon can be compared to a rally car race then the sprint is the drag race of exercises. If done correctly, sprints are immensely effective as maximising our speed and endurance.


You might have probably seen this exercise being done by football or cricket players during their practice sessions and in fact it is done by nearly every kind of athlete. This exercise is called lateral bounds and this is quite similar to side jumps but with a few key differences. In side jumps, you have to jump with both feet together. In lateral bounds, the rules are a bit different. You can do lateral bounds with a single foot where you make to move from side to side quickly without falling down. This exercise is perfect for athletes who depend on speed and agility and quick reaction times for their sport.


As with other bounds exercises, you’ll only need to do this with a single foot. Think of this like sprinting bit instead of sprinting, you’ll be jumping, but instead of jumping with both feet, you’ll be jumping with a single foot. Aim at maximum speed and exert as much power as you can.


We left the simplest and most popular for the last. You’ve already heard about the exercise called squats. This is basically doing regular squats but when you get up after bending down, you’ll need to simultaneously jump as high as you can and then land your feet at the squat position and repeat this as many sets you are comfortable with. This exercise makes the squat, which is already an effective exercise, even more effective.

Here were the six most effective plyometric exercises that you can do at home to develop quick stimuli and responses and good muscle development. If you are someone who still wants expert guidance for fitness and muscle development and is also keen to learn the martial art way then we are here for you. We are Martial Art Extreme, India’s most trusted online virtual fitness training program wherein we offer a multitude of excellent virtual programs for you to choose from. The programs can be accessed digitally from any smart device ensuring that you can work out and stay fit from any place you want to.  Come join the fitness revolution today.