Jerry and MAE – The Inception of The Fitness Revolution

MAE (Martial Art Extreme) was founded by Jerry Bola. Jerry, our inspiration, is the type of guy who is extremely passionate about uplifting everyone around him and rising with everyone and being the true leader that he is. He has dedicated his life to rise to the occasion of helping his friends and students lead a better life no matter the sacrifice he has to give.  Jerry has had a tough life growing up and a hardworking childhood.  He was physically a small kid growing up and because of that he used to get bullied and didn’t know how to defend himself. He home at the young age of 16 to go work in a sawmill, where he was yet again bullied and this time by adults.

He started lifting weights in the hope that he would get bigger and stronger and not be bullied but that didn’t help because he still would not be able to defend himself.  He came to this realization after an incident when a person, a lot bigger in size than him, punched him in the side of his head and made him feel defenceless but ignited this zeal of doing something. This was the birth of master Jerry Bola; this is where began this lifelong journey of being a teacher and a voice to the voiceless and defenceless. 

This compelled him and opened his eyes to the world of martial arts and helped him realize how important it was to know to defend oneself.  Thus begin the gruelling journey of being one of the best martial art masters in the world, but it didn’t happen in a single day.  Jerry began his martial arts journey with the mixture of kickboxing and Taekwondo and boxing and later he would gain extensive knowledge on every kind of martial art.  He began his journey by joining a martial art gym and this changed his outlook on life and helped them in the self-confidence that he left throughout his life and he was hooked.  

After nearly decades of training every day in the martial art of learning and mastering Taekwondo, he was awarded and certified with the 4th Dan degree in Taekwondo by Choi Jung Hwa, president of The International Taekwondo Federation on 15th May 2003.   

Thus began Jerry’s journey of learning and teaching martial arts, in the process, and his humble spirit he has helped create this revolution in martial arts where he has taught hundreds of people like him and has changed their lives forever.

MAE(Martial Arts Extreme)  is jerry’s most recent endeavour. MAE came into being after 8 years’ worth of research and meticulous planning and development. Jerry came up with the idea of the MAE program because of his personal experience. He had always been a very hard worker and he believed that if he had a plan like MAE, which enabled everyone to work from their home in their free time, he would have become a pro at martial arts much quicker but there was nothing like MAE back then and therefore he took on the mission head-on to create this comprehensive Online Martial Art Extreme training program to help working people and people stuck at home during the pandemic to train from their homes.

Jerry is a family-oriented person and believes home is the most comfortable zone for everyone to train their inner core. MAE is all about staying within your comfort zone at home and receiving the same level of training as a gym or dojo. This was a game-changer for every kind of working people who now could even spend quality time training with their families at home.  

Jerry remains as always humble and down-to-earth as ever while changing the lives of his students and making them a better version of themselves. Jerry believes in the gift of self-confidence in the form of Martial Art and is on this journey of sharing this gift with the world. An avid anti-bullying voice, Jerry continues to impact the lives of hundreds positively, daily.