Martial Art Extreme (MAE) is this idea turned into a reality that we have to be the frontrunners of the fitness revolution because everyone deserves fitness and this is the core moto that kept the fitness revolution going and that kept us at MAE positive even during a time such as the pandemic. We at Martial Art Extreme (MAE) did not face a lot of challenges during the pandemic because we adapted ourselves and we change ourselves to be successful during the pending. 


We are primary fitness enthusiasts who love teaching fitness but we have always had this constraint that we weren’t able to teach as many people as possible in a single session and that really impacted our choice and give birth to the idea that we have to create a place where fitness can never be stopped no matter the situation. 

Thus, Marshal Art Extreme was born with the careful guidance and thoughtfulness of fitness sensation and Taekwondo master Jerry Bola.  He is the founder and visionary behind Martial Art Extreme and it was his vision to set up a place that is affordable as well as practical for a large demographic such as India. 


What makes us unique is the fact that we do not simply teach fitness but there are various deep meaningful missions that we are also trying to conduct.  Through our martial arts courses and our online fitness training programs we primary hope to achieve this level of confidence in our students that they are never had and that they can face the world and bullies at all times.  Along with that, we are also strong advocates of women’s safety issues and because of that, we have even created various courses which simply teach women the art of self-defence. 

Martial Art Extreme is for everyone and that is a fact due to the reason that we are able to provide affordable courses without compromising on quality. And that has been possible because all our online fitness training courses are streamable and you can stream our online fitness courses from any smart device which includes your smartphone or tablets as well as your smart TV and even your refrigerator if it has a screen and internet connection. 


Fitness is of the biggest essence and this is how we have managed to survive during this pandemic. Since fitness is not only an excellent medicine for the body to stay in the best shape possible but is also an excellent medicine for the mind to allow us to rebuild our self-confidence.  While starting off a fitness journey maybe like a new stretch that you haven’t experienced before and it takes real courage to enrol into a fitness program both offline and online but once you are able to enrol into one you will see the transformation that is both physical and mental and that will truly change your perspective on life and how you deal with your problems.  And this is perhaps one of the best things and best reasons why we still have managed to transform people’s lives during the pandemic and especially during that time because of the amount of loneliness and depression that people were experiencing. 


While we are never against anyone who is trying to teach fitness but we have always felt the traditional gyms, as well as traditional fitness institutes, had the shortcoming that restricted that ability to teach a large audience. It has always been believed that you need a plethora of gear which is expensive as well as large physical locations in order to do fitness and this idea fell over its head during the pandemic because people simply couldn’t go outside for their own safety in order to continue their fitness. 


And speaking of online fitness courses, our courses are made and designed with the idea that it must be easy to follow and therefore every course of every day starts with regular warmups wherein you simply have to tune to the correct day and get the proper exercise.  Then that is followed by Jerry Bola explaining the exercise to you and showing it safely to you after which you simply have to do and emulate that same exercise along with him and you are good to go.  This is not for any specific course but for every course we have available.  The online fitness courses are broken down into various challenges which you can attempt to do and these challenges are there to determine how much time you can practically spend on fitness. While there are simple challenges, there are also quite immersive challenges that will need your real dedication to complete.  These challenges are broken down into weeks wherein each week you will have to go between day one and day two and then repeat with day one. 


Martial Art Extreme(MAE) therefore became the only alternative for these enthusiastic and ambitious people who simply wanted to stay fit while they work from home. Our courses are versatile and geared for everyone and that includes the beginner as well as the professional. The equipment that you need to have to practice our courses at home is negligible and you must simply need comfortable clothes and an area which is no bigger than the width of your outstretched arms to practice our virtual fitness classes and we have also managed to remove this huge economic barrier that prevents many people from practising fitness virtually by making the courses affordable. 

Thus, we at Martial Art Extreme (MAE) are proud to be the ones to reinvent and reimagine fitness in the digital world. As bad as the pandemic was, it helped us all to rethink how we must continue our journey of fitness and help everyone reset their priorities towards fitness. And we will always continue our work when it comes to self-defence techniques for women and also teaching people to fight bullies and for that, we are going to need your support because this fitness revolution is a necessity, not a luxury.