Strength training for martial arts is something that people often think is physical.

But as physical as it can be it is also mental because martial arts affects the mind and the body simultaneously. And if you are someone who is willing to train your body you must first train your mind and get into the mindset of having a never-give-up attitude. Along with that a lot of self-confidence. After you have conditioned your mind to be in that mindset only then you can start your strength training exercise.

So what is strength conditioning?

Strength conditioning is one of the best tools used by athletes all around the world to condition specifications of their body and specific muscle groups so that they may target their workouts into that region and derive power. There are many complex ways of achieving this as well as many simple exercises which you will be able to do.

Let us look at a few in which you can train your body and condition your body to be in the right shape for martial arts.


This is one of the best exercises to do if you want to condition your muscles for martial arts. Pull-ups are excellent for your arm muscles as well as your upper body muscles and are perfectly in tone to condition your body for the quick reflexes that you need while you have to do martial arts. While you can find it difficult to do pullups you can start with some of the easier options such as negative pull-ups or jump pulls.

Whichever kind of pull-up you are doing you must keep in mind that you should not overstress your shoulder muscles but you can do something that is focused on concentrating the energy in your shoulder blades and use that rather than your biceps to pull yourself up.


This is one of the best ways to condition your muscles for martial arts. Push-ups are excellent for you because they not only help you stress your strength in your arm muscles and your upper body muscles but will also help you condition your lower body muscles. Martial art requires quick punches and power behind the punches and one of the best ways together this pushing power is through training in push-ups. To do the perfect push-up you simply need to have your arms beneath your shoulders and your elbows must be aligned along with your rib cage as you perform this motion.

Let us now look at a few specialised muscle conditioning exercises that will help you get in shape.


This is one of the most modern ways of fine-tuning your arm muscles and this is simply by standing with your legs wide apart and holding the two ends of the rope which is usually way more than regular ropes. Then you must move

your arms up and down creating a wave format so that this can target both your biceps and your triceps.


Cycling is perhaps one of the universal exercises that athletes use to train their legs and this is also the same with martial arts. In any martial art, you will need a good set of legs and in order to condition your leg muscles, there is no better exercise on Earth than cycling.


This is one of the simplest forms of exercise and this is also why it is one of the best and most effective forms of exercise. In martial arts, you need speed as well as meticulous planning on how to conserve energy for the right moment at the right time and there is no better exercise than running for you to understand this equation in your mind.

So, this was a simple guide for you to get in shape for martial arts. And after you have joined a Martial arts academy like ours at Martial Art Extreme (MAE) you will be forced by your determination to change how you view your fitness and you will get an immense boost of self-confidence.