Staying fit is a challenge and it is a challenge that many people love to take on. However, let’s be realistic here, staying fit depends upon the type of work schedule you have and it involves spending a lot of time doing workouts and taking care of your body.  Now, if you are someone who has time to take care of your fitness goals through individual workouts spread out days for your chests, biceps, triceps, legs and other target regions then you can count yourself lucky.

However, if you are someone doing a full-time job and you do not have the time for individual workdays to focus on specific areas of your body then you need something more comprehensive. 

Introducing to you full-body workouts, be it full-body gym workout for weight loss gym classes or even workout classes online or workout classes at home, you can do this type of full-body workout at your convenience and save a lot of time in the process. 

Deadlifts –

You can do this workout and stay fit at home without a gym.  This is one of the simplest workouts to replicate at home.  You simply need to squat down and grip the weight firmly with your hands and while keeping your chest and your shoulders straight, you must look straight as you must lift the weight.  You must always make sure that the weight is exerting force in your heels and must keep your centre of gravity somewhere between the weight and your body by keeping the weight as close as possible to your body.  Having done that, you must try not to lift the weight more than your lower abdomen and viola you know how to deadlift.  Repeat this in sets that you are comfortable and confident with. 

Burpees –

This is one of the most popular exercises that you can do for a full-body workout.  To perform burpees, you must start while standing and then you must squat down while placing the palm of your hands on the floor.  Then all you need to do is through a kicking motion extend your arms and jump in the air, and then do the squat down and repeat this in sets you are comfortable with. 

Renegade row –

We are slowly moving into the medium difficulty territory and this is something you must do with caution.  To start the renegade row, you must get into a press-up position while you keep two dumbbells in front of you.  Then while having your form straight, you must tension your core straight into the dumbbell with your hands.  Then while taking the support of one dumbbell you must raise the other dumbbell in a swing motion and do this alternatively with your hands.  Repeat these steps in comfortable sales. 

Dumbbell thrusters –

This is something you must do with caution as this involves the weights being over your head.  You can start this exercise at home by going into a squatting position while holding to dumbbells and resting them on your shoulders while grabbing them tightly.  Then simply extend your arms above your head and straighten your legs, if done correctly this can look like a jumping frog motion.  You will need to repeat this in sets that you are comfortable with. 

Rope skipping –

We have decided to add this full-body exercise at the last because this is perhaps one of the most effective ways of getting a full-body workout with the bare minimum equipment.  While we can show you how to do it, you must try to do rope skipping without ropes and while jumping you must twist your wrist as if it is carrying a rope and then synchronise your motion.  After you feel confident that you can synchronise your jumps with the rope swinging below your legs you can try slowly with an actual rope and in a place where there is soft ground so that there is no risk of injury from falling on hard surfaces. 

These were a few of the full-body workouts that you can do at your home through our extensively created and crafted workout classes online from Martial Art Extreme (MAE).  We are India’s most trusted online martial arts and fitness training program provider and we will make sure you regain your fitness and your confidence with excellent guidance from our founder and inspiration Jerry Bola.