Top Basic Exercises To Keep You Fit Forever

Exercises are one of the most simple ways for a person to become physically and mentally healthy. Physical health extends to every part of the body from improving their metabolism to keeping the heart as well as the lungs healthy and likewise, good blood circulation helps the mind stay oxygenated which also helps the person have the right nerve functions and mind functions. Exercises can vary depending on who you are and while some of the jobs can help you stay fit automatically like working in an industry or a manufacturing line or even using a cycle to deliver goods, most of the jobs in the 21st century is shifting slowly indoors, and this is setting a very bad trend in the overall physical fitness of the population, therefore, exercises are beginning to be more important than ever for the 21st-century person to stay in their peak form. Exercises can vary dramatically for example an Olympic swimmer has to exercise the equivalent of perhaps 20 normal persons doing warm-up in the gym and an army person from the special forces has to to do exercises in a different way than the Olympian and a runner has a different type of exercise schedules from the above two examples. We have compiled a list of exercises that can be a great guide to a fitness regime that anyone can follow, we would like to state that this is for the average person and not for professional athletes. 


Squats –

this is perhaps one of the most basic ways for you to keep your lower body as well as the midsection of your body fit. Squats are an excellent way to help in your overall body structure and strength and have been proven to improve blood flow to the heart. Squats can vary slightly depending on your fitness trainer advice but everyone agrees that a good squad is where the person reaches the ground completely.


The Cat Camel Stretch – 

this is is a very famous exercise and something that anyone can do and it is quite fun to do this with your children as they try to imitate a camel and a cat. This is so simple that we can explain it here, you simply need to kneel on the mat on all fours and then take a deep breath as you bend your back towards the ceiling and then do that on the opposite towards the ground in the same motion. This should look like a cat and a camel. This has been proven as a great way to treat your back pain and arthritis and make your back and spinal section more flexible, this is especially good for people who spend long hours on their desks.


Walking –

nothing is more basic and effective than taking a long walk in the morning. One can choose to jog as well as walk. This exercise is not only beneficial physically but also mentally because people have said that they have become more confident as a person because of going on walks daily. There is a large debate on the number of steps you need to cover but we would suggest that you cover the steps you feel comfortable with and also remember that you have to take the same steps back home so calculate accordingly. A great way to keep track of your steps is with any affordable fitness band you can get online as they work great to monitor your walks as well as your heart rate etc.


Lunges –

lunges are quite an effective exercise and this exercise is proven to work on multiple muscle groups and also increase the overall balance of your body. To do this you must lay on your back and then bring your legs 90° up by bending your knees and then support your head with your hands and then touch your elbow and your knees alternatively. You must take care not to put too much effort into your neck as that can cause neck problems in the future and we suggest that you do the proper research before doing lunges.


Jumping jacks –

this is also one of the simplest and most rudimentary exercises and this basic exercise is still performed by Olympic level athletes as a warm-up. To do this you simply e need to stand in a pose of attention as you put your feet together and your arms beside your waist and then in a jumping motion, you must put your legs wide apart and your arms on top of your head straight. Now you must alternate this in sets of your desire and comfort. This is a great exercise because unlike rope skipping this needs no apparatus and is not of the complexity and rhythm maintenance required in rope skipping.


Burpees – 

Here is a great way to work on multiple muscle areas and also train your body for quick reflexes. You can start your work please by standing and going into a squat position and while you’re going to ask what position you must write in your legs and then hit the stands of a push-up and after you do that you must immediately jump and lift your hands in the air and once you keep the rhythm going it is very easy to follow and quite fun to do with your children. Studies have found that burpees also result in good metabolism as it circulates blood in all the major organs of the body.


Push-ups –

this is perhaps the most widely known exercise in the world and for good reason, because push-ups are a great confidence booster and also helps you work on your arms and back muscles. To do this you can lay belly down in a plank position and then stretch your legs and balance your body on your toes while you try to lift yourself with your arms extended. You must keep in mind that your knees must not touch the ground however due to some medical reasons if your knees do the ground you don’t need to worry because you can hope to gain some benefit from this exercise.


Here were a few of the most basic exercises that you can do at home alone or with your family as a good time for family fitness and bonding. These exercises are sure to make you stay in top shape while working from home as well as help you defeat depression and boost your confidence. However, if you are looking for a more extensive and intuitive course that not only teaches you to have to exercise but also helps you learn self-defence and become a martial art Pro then you can always check out our affordable martial arts courses designed by international martial art trainers.