Workout at home has always been sketchy at best, especially a beginner workout plan catered as workout tips for female beginners. But we hope to bring an end to that with this blog where we discuss the best online fitness training at home which will act as a means to guide you to stay fit without leaving the house.

While beginners in every gender are the same and need the same level of attention when it comes to workouts, studies have shown that losing weight at home and staying fit can be different for men and women. 



If you are someone with no prior experience of exercising at home then we would suggest that you pick up a second-hand treadmill and start getting yourself comfortable on the treadmill.  You can watch YouTube instructional videos on the particular model of treadmill you have and see how you need to operate it and then you must start slow walks ranging from 10 to 15 minutes and not more than that so that you get comfortable with the walking pace.  

You can get discouraged at the fact that there are many videos online that show people running like athletes on treadmills but that should not bother you because you are not going for the Olympics but you are simply trying to stay fit and that is what matters the most. 

The next best thing for you would be to get yourself a skipping and jumping rope which you can buy from any sports website and Store or even make one out of thick rope and start practising on it.  The best start would be to not start with the rope itself and to find the rhythm first and that is by jumping and twisting your wrists with the same motion as your jumping and as you get more comfortable with this motion you can start practising on it with the rope.  

While you get more comfortable on it you can start increasing your pace but you should remember that while you are practising at home it is certain that there is no soft ground so you must keep your speed in check or else it can result in injury.


Why staying fit at home is addictive and seeing results and weight loss can be a great motivator,  you must not push your body beyond the extreme.  For beginners we would suggest the universal time of 30 minutes because it is not too long or too short but just the perfect time to dedicate yourself to fitness.  While this blog is suitable for a female workout plan these tips can be helpful to everyone including children. 

Once you start meeting the 30-minute goal every day you can then start on longer schedules,  but you must make sure that they do not exceed the 1 hour and 30-minute mark because anything above that requires supervision from a personal fitness trainer. 

Let’s look at some exercises that’ll act as online fitness gym classes for women who want to work out at home and are excellent for weight loss for women.


  •  Anything from treadmills to stationary bikes as well as utilising your apartment stairs can be an excellent way to have a full-body workout at home and get the same advantage as women fitness classes.
  •  You must make sure to divide your workouts in between sets and repetitions right in there should not be more than 3 sets and 10 repetitions if you are doing some sort of light lifting.
  • Weight training is excellent for women to have stronger muscles and stronger bones and that is why we recommend simple barbell weight lifting as well as other dumbbell exercises.

 These were a few of how women can do weight loss training at home and can stay fit at home.  While this may seem simple enough, there are still nuances to follow and safety tips to keep in mind during any workout. And if you ask someone who wants expert advice while still wanting to stay fit at home then you can always check out our world-renowned online fitness training classes at Martial Art Extreme (MAE) which are headed by our founder and inspiration, Jerry Bola.