In this blog, we will talk about movements and especially a kind of movement that was traditionally only for weight lifters and strength athletes of the highest order.  Movements are a way to strengthen various sections of your body and are quite popular among online fitness training classes in India and personal fitness experts, both offline and online bodyweight training. Live fitness training programs often stress this exercise to their students for workouts, and this movement is called the farmer’s walk.  Traditionally performed by strength athletes this has made its way to regular gyms and are being performed by regular gym-goers at a moderate level and they are actually seeing real benefits with this movement.  To simply define farmer’s walk is just walking with two equally balanced weight equipment’s for a distance but there is more to the equation and in this blog, we will talk about all the details you need to know about the hardcore exercise movement called farmer’s work that has made it to the regular gym. 

What is Farmer’s walk?

To simply say farmer’s walk is a strength training exercise in which you carry heavy loads for a distance and this type of exercise has been popularized by strong men and weightlifters who need exercises that target the major muscle groups and this exercise is also excellent for maintaining your cardiovascular stimulus. Although popularized by strong men for extreme athletic sports, this has been transformed into a practical exercise that everyone can do and they can do this even without going to the gym by simply caring bottles of water or even groceries of equal weight. 

What muscles get worked during farmer’s walk?

Farmer’s walk is an excellent movement exercise that helps multiple muscle groups such as the quads that are important for knee extensions, the hamstrings as the weight needs to be lifted from the ground, glutes as because they get worked along with the hip joints, calves also get a good workout because they help in stabilizing the walk during the movement exercise, lats as they help the lower back keep the spine in proper shape and many other muscle groups such as the upper back area as well as the abdominal muscles. 

Apart from these, the lifting helps with the biceps as they flex and are required as the weight is gripped and along with that the triceps also get a good workout as they help with the arm’s extension during the walk and assist the biceps. Along with this many other muscle groups of the forearms and hands also get a good workout during this movement exercise.

How do you do the farmer’s walk?

To do the farmer’s walk, you will need two dumbbells or kettlebells and you will also need a stretch of an area where you can walk 15 to 20 steps.  You will need to reach down and lift the weights from either side and then stand up and after keeping your upper body and spine straight and your arms by your side with the firm grip you can start working your steps in a regular peace.  After having completed the walk, you will need to rest for a maximum of 2 minutes and then repeat the following steps once again.  One thing you need to take care that during this exercise you will need to keep a neutral spine so that you may prevent spine injuries that may occur from carrying heavy loads. 


What is the benefit of farmer’s walk? 

 There are several benefits with this kind of exercise because this had been used by strength athletes to increase endurance and improve cardiovascular health therefore by doing this you will increase the blood flow in your body and thereby keep cardiovascular diseases at bay. This is also the kind of exercise that will help to target a wide range of muscle groups in your body and therefore improve the muscle health of your body and increase your stamina in doing your daily activities.

Overall, the farmer’s walk is one of the simplest exercises to do and does not even require you to go to the gym so that your fitness routine stays on point and that you stay fit no matter the place. If you are looking for the best online fitness training classes in India where you will get the finest bodyweight training online as well as be guided by online fitness trainers then MAE (Martial Art Extreme) is your best option because we have a whole host of exercises like the farmer’s walk and much more, including many different types of online martial arts training courses to choose from.